The 2015 article in Bellingham Herald's "Living Magazine" by Dean Kahn tells our story best. 
Fairhaven area given fresh new history website
by Dean Kahn   THE BELLINGHAM HERLAD    AUGUST 16, 2015

It might not be fate that brought Gayle Helgoe and Neelie Nelson together to create a website about Fairhaven history, but it seems that way.
Of the two, Helgoe is more deeply rooted in the community. A reference librarian, she retired a decade ago as Bellingham Public Library’s assistant director after 34 years there. Nelson, a retired office manager, moved to Bellingham from California eight years ago with her husband, Steve.
Soon after, Nelson and Helgoe met while walking in South Hill neighborhood near the 123-year-old Gamwell House. They chatted about the history of the neighborhood and went on their way.
Neelie Nelson, left and Gayle Helgoe, seated at the J.J. Donovan statue, have created a website dedicated to the history of Fairhaven.  


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