Hopeful Discoveries

 The following photos certainly exist and would be a wonderful historical discovery.

Streetcar Photo in front of the Gamwell House. 
The streetcar ran on 16th street from 1909 to 1938.   The tracks can be seen in this early photo of the Gamwell House, located on Douglas and 16th Street.  A photo of the street car in in front of the Gamwell House would delight  Whatcom Museum Photo Archivist (and street car enthusiast) Jeff Jewell.

Close-up photo of Dirty Dan Harris
Here is the only known photo of Daniel J. Harris standing in a rowboat, with the South Hill neighborhood in the background.

Certainly another photo exists that will give us an idea of what he really looked like. 
Photos, artifacts and stories connected to "The Hippie Years"
Bellingham was considered "The Hippie Mecca of the Northwest".  Fairhaven was at the center of the counter-cultural excitement.   The 50th Anniversary of "The Summer of Love" happens in 2017 ..... perfect time for an exhibit at the Whatcom Museum.     Before it is too late, it is time to explore those boxes in attics and garages for photos and memorabilia from Bellingham's "alternative lifestyle" days. 
   Croatian Fraternal Hall Gala Opening
On April 13, 1931, over 1,000 people made their way to the Schering Block at 10th Street and Harris Avenue for the grand opening of the Croatian Fraternal Hall.   The photo, left, was taken in front of the 10th Street side of the building 1931-32.  A copy of the photo, with names can be found in Gordy Tweit's museum.
Photos of this event, or any photos the Croatian Fraternal Hall would be enthusiastically welcomed.

Cowgill House moving up Knox Avenue to 17th Street
Photo left shows the E.L. Cowgill family in 1890 in front of their newly finished home at 13th Street and Harris Avenue.  The following year Cowgill would move his home to make way for the Fairhaven Opera House (never built).   The March 20, 1891 Fairhaven Herald reported the home's progress up Knox as horses struggled their way to 17th Street.  There are no reports of the home moving to 2614 Donovan around 1915 where it is still located today.
   Photo of the Kulshan Club moved for Finnegan Way in 1935 

The Kulshan Club, built in 1919, was located at 12th Street directly across the street from the Fairhaven Library.   In March or April of 1934, the Club was moved west to make way for the Pacific Highway cut-off.  In 1944, that section of road would be named  Finnegan Way, after George Finnegan.  The photo left, shows a view of 12th Street before the Club was moved.

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