Brian Griffin's
     Oral History Series

"My name is Brian Griffin. Welcome to this series of oral histories.

Years ago a wise man said to me, when an old person dies it is like a library burning.  I’ve always remember that and so I began doing oral history interviews with people who have made a significant different in our community.

I hope you enjoy this interview and I hope you’ll do something about recording your life history in some fashion for future generations."

The following oral histories have a story to tell about Fairhaven history.  They are excerpts of the original interview. 
For the full length interview, you can find these DVDs at the Bellingham Library, Center for Pacific Northwest Studies and the Whatcom Museum. 
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 John Blethen
Squire of Toad Hall

John was an early arrival among the "hippy” occupants of Fairhaven in the 1970s. Always an activist, he created "Toad Hall” in the basement of the Nelson Block. Now a staid and respected local business man, John tells of those wild old days in Fairhaven.  Recorded May 2008


Ken Imus
Fairhaven Revitalizer
A hometown boy who went to California, made a fortune, and came home to resurrect Fairhaven. Ken and his family have owned most of the historic village at one time or another, built many of the new buildings, and been responsible for much of its renaissance.  Recorded February 2006
Dick Johnson
The Demise of the Fairhaven Hotel

This longtime Bellingham resident shares a wonderful tale what happened after his father, Art Johnson, placed the one and only bid  ($1200) for the Fairhaven Hotel.  The hotel burned in 1953 and the new owner had to clear the lot.   Find out what happened to the bricks of this once majestic 1890s hotel.  Recorded July 2009
For Fairhaven History videos by Brian Griffin, Lanny Little and others, go to History Videos.


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