The Northwest Passage
Below are two photos taken in 1969.    Many identifications were made through the help of Paul Dorpat's Seattle Than and Now blog.    Old Fools Explore NORTHWEST PASSAGE

Please contact  if you can help identify who is in the photo.

Photo 1 taken from 1969 Northwest Passage Cover
Photographer:  Michael Berwick

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 1969 Northwest Passage Cover photo 
 Photographer: Michael Berwick
Top row on balcony, 1. ?  2. Jerry Burns, 3. Disagreement if guy with beard 3rd from left is Phil Jenkins.  Phil is also said to be #13 in non-cover photo (see below) far right.   4. Sue? blond girl, 5. Miss Kitty leaning on balcony.  6. Guy in Hat? 7. Leeza ?, 8. Elon ?   9. ? with scarf?  10.  Catherine Berwick 11 Glasses/mustache?  12:  ?Button Coat; 13. Frank Kathman, tall, mustache & long hair; 14. Gal holding popcorn  15.  Sunny Phillips with leg hanging over balcony.
Managing Editor Laurence Kee was busy working in the office at not at the photo shoot.
Far left, 16. Gerry Tsutakawa, 17. Vicki Phillips, 18. Mack Jepsen, 19 unknown blond guy?; 20. Bob Summers; 21 Tina Bernstein, 22. Jerry Chunn; Ricky Lotz
Left to Right sitting on ground.  Sheila Gilda sitting bottom row, Michael Carlson (now Harmon), Trina? from Spokane

Papa,  left close-up.  Frank Kathman's dog.      
Bill Wright and Bill Small are described as being in this photo.  Who is a guy with a rooster who worked for the railroad?

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1969 Photo used for 1970 Klipsun Annual
Photographer:  Greg Gable

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1969 Klipsun Annual photo from same photo shoot as Northwest Passage Cover
A few changes in people and where they are standing
Top Row:  Left to Right
1 ?;     2Jerry Burns;    3. Phil Jenkins???see #13;   4.Sue?;   5. Miss Kitty leaning on balcony;   6. Guy with hat? 7. Leesa, 8. Elon, 9, Girl with scarf, 10 guy with glasses, 8.Guy looking up (in different position on Cover) 9. Papa;  10. Frank Kathman; 11. gal eating popcorn; 12: Sunny Phillips, legs over balcony; 13. Phil Jenkins??? see #3  14.Chris Condon
Lower Row
15. Vicky Phillips; 16. Mack Jepsen 17. Unknown Blond Guy; 18. Bob Summers 19. Tina Bernstein; 20. behind Tina?  21. Ricky Lotz; 22. Dark coat with collar raised up?


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