Northwest Passage 2nd Issue  April 10,  1969

Counterculture Circulation 
Klipsun Magazine
December 18, 2018
The underground newspaper scene in Bellingham circa 1969 told through contributing reporters of the Northwest Passage.
Tucked away in the Center for Northwest Archives is a sliver of journalism history. A slender cardboard box contains dozens of copies of the Northwest Passage, a counterculture biweekly newspaper published at the time of the Vietnam War.
Elizabeth Joffrion, director of heritage resources, pulls the lid off the box and warns me to be delicate with copies of the paper.
"Old newsprint tears easily,” she said.
Update November 2019:  All issues of the Northwest Passage (1969 to 1986)  is in the process of being digitized and will be made available in the coming months on Western's new Multimedia Archives Based Electronic Library (MABEL).  Stay tuned for more information as to release date.

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