Photos by Dennis Withner

November 30, 1972

Dennis Withner, a student at Western Washington University in 1972, received word that something was going on at the gardens at 11th and Harris.   Wither, majoring in Visual Communications with a minor in Photography arrived, camera in hand.    The community gathered to protest the bulldozing of the garden, on property just purchased by Ken Imus.   Things got a little out-of-hand.  
 View looking at Terminal Building at 11th & Harris

The Community Gardens were at the site of the former Blonden Block, torn down in 1950.  The empty site had been used as a community garden.   
The Terminal Building, (home to Tony's Coffee since the 1970s) is in the background.   

11th & Harris, Current location of double decker bus
Willy Wade operating bulldozer.

The Bellingham Police Department had received their riot gear the month before and were ready to put it into action!
Police crossing Harris toward garden
Side of the Morgan Block in background


Police bus stopped at 11th & Harris.
Behind the bus are the Monahan, EM Day and Terminal buildings.

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