Chuck and Dee Robinson by Brian Griffin

"Chuck and Dee Robinson came to town in 1980 with the unlikely dream of opening a book store. Attracted to the struggling but quaint village of Fairhaven, and probably to the cheap rent offered by Kenny Imus, the owner of both the Knights of Pythias and the Fairhaven Cash Grocery Building, the Robinson's rented both buildings. The rest is history.
With a unique blend of counter culture-ism, good business sense, countless hours of hard work, and a sense of community unmatched by anyone before or since; their creation, Village Books, has thrived and survived to become the pulsing-beating heart of the Fairhaven Community and the Southside. The Robinsons, both individually and through their corporate persona, have become leaders in dozens of good causes, supporters of the cultural scene, so welded into the fabric of the community that it boggles the mind to think of Fairhaven and Bellingham without them. They have fostered Fairhaven's renaissance, shown the way to other merchants, taught community to all, and endeared themselves to a grateful clientele. Village Books is simply the heart of Fairhaven."
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Village Books celebrated it's 35th Anniversary on June 12, 2015.
Village Books General Manager, Paul Hanson, offers a toast to Chuck and Dee at a crowded champagne and cake reception. 
Chuck was off two days later for a 2400 mile bike ride to raise money for various charities.


On Monday, June 15, 2015, Chuck Robinson left for a 2400 mile bicycle ride to raise money for charity.  Chuck was described as "the George Clooney of Whatcom County" for being able to get so many people out on a Monday morning.   Filmed at the Fairhaven Village Green, the back of the Fairhaven Cash Grocery building can be seen on the left (now Paper Dreams).  Village Books opened here in 1980 and still occupies the basement.   To the right is the Knights of Pythias building.   The original sign for  "Village Books and Colophon Cafe" goes back to the time when the bookstore was located in the building before moving into their own building in 2004.


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