The Grad Building:  Tenants Through the Years

Michael Grad died in 1907 due to diabetes. His wife Mary continued to live in this building with her children.

When saloons in Fairhaven closed with the Dry Ballot of 1910 prohibiting alcohol in public establishments, Mary converted the basement into an apartment.

In 1941, the family moved into the downstairs apartment and rented the upper floors. Melzer and Josephine Granger bought the building for $4,000 in 1945 as their residence. Melzer Granger is known as one of the first pioneers of Lummi Island, arriving in 1883.

Terry Moore, a former occupant of building, was one of the architects who purchased the building in the 1970s. He describes it it as being in terrible shape with bathrooms cantilevered off the back of the building. It was completely gutted down to the brick walls. It currently houses several professional offices, including Fairhaven Health.

Previous tenants of the building spoke of two resident ghosts, Ethan and Sam. Ethan was fascinated with the technology in the former dental office. Sam adjusted the blinds on the front window if someone worked late. Sam, is rumored to be the ghost of a bartender who died of a heart attack while lifting a beer barrel in the basement's saloon. Ethan is a mystery.


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