Kulshan Club:  Tenants Through the Years

By November 1928 membership in the Kulshan Club had dwindled to 45 and that December the members decided to disincorporate the club, pay any debts, and pro rate the remainder of the funds among themselves. The Clubhouse was sold to the Fairhaven Lodge 79 of the International Order of Odd Fellows who used it throughout the 1930’s.

After the repeal of Prohibition in 1932, the Kulshan Tavern Beer Parlor operated in part of the house.  In 1935, when Finnegan Way was put through, the was moved down hill from 12th and Columbia to its present location.

1990s Photo by Gordy Tweit
Cars parked on empty lot that is now Fairhaven Gardens

The 1945 City Directory identifies the house as Seaview Apartments at 1121 Finnegan Way.  The Club had been divided into nine rental units.

Current location on Finnegan Way

Today it still houses nine apartments and the beautiful clubhouse is wedged between Fairhaven Gardens condominiums and a small strip mall. Nouvelle Vie LLC is the current owner of the building.

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