The Monahan Building (1890)

1209 11th Street

Thomas E. Monahan, an Irish immigrant, constructed this two-story building in 1890 on a small half-lot where he then relocated his liquor business from a structure near Taylor Avenue Dock. Operated by his sons, Hugh and Tom, the business was advertised as "The Turf” and featured "Fine lines of imported wines, liquors and cigars…” It also served as a betting parlor for regional sporting events.

The building’s façade was built in the High Victorian Italianate style with top panels bearing the date and builder’s name.

In 1892, the boom town went bust, and Monahan converted his business into a saloon that catered to those unable to afford the fine wines and liquors of earlier years. 


As a result of the "Dry Ballot” of 1910, other business enterprises occupied this building including George Finnegan’s Fairhaven Pharmacy in the 1920’s before moving to its present location at 12th and Harris in 1929.

Following restoration and partial remodeling, the building was converted to a small motion picture theater in1974. A rear portion of the second floor was removed and a large movie screen installed with the front part of the second floor serving as the projection booth.
Since 1999, Fairhaven Runners and Walkers has occupied the main floor with early photos of this historic structure posted on its walls. The second floor now houses only offices where formerly there were residential apartments.


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