Fairhaven Pharmacy in 1915

1915 Photo of Terminal Building
Courtesy Whatcom Museum Photo Archives
Gordy Tweit Collection
Long-time South-side residents of Bellingham have always known the Fairhaven Pharmacy to be at the corner of 12th and Harris.

The Pharmacy has been part of Fairhaven since 1889 and was located in four locations before locating in 1929 at it's current location.

The photo, left, is a very rare print circa 1915 that shows the Fairhaven Pharmacy when it was located in the Terminal Building at 1103 Harris Avenue, now occupied by Harris Street Cafe. The Pharmacy was located here before its moved around the corner to the historic Monahan Building in 1916.

This photo was provided by Gordon Tweit, who was part of the Fairhaven Pharmacy since he was 15.