Waldron Block's 2nd Grand Opening Gala
 In 1891, the Fairhaven Herald reported that Charles W. Waldron served champagne all night before he opened his Bank of Fairhaven in the new Waldron Block building.

Just 117 years later, the Waldron Block would have another opening celebration, this time attended by Waldron's daughter,  Frances Waldron.   (Frances was born when Charles was 70.)   The Waldron Block, sat vacant for decades until developer Dave Ebenal turned the former bank into luxury condos.  The celebration took place on October 15, 2008 and included a dedication of the bust of C.X. Larrabee, just steps away on McKenzie Alley.   (See Bust of C.X. Larrabee)

Photo courtesy John Servais

Frances Waldron, wearing a blue jacket, can be seen standing just in front of Dirty Dan Harris (aka Jim Rich).  Brian Griffin, in bowler hat, was the master of ceremonies for the unveiling of the C.X. Larrabee bust.  David Lawrence, as usual, has a video camera.
Afterwards, Frances and other attendees would gather for a reception on the top floor of Charles Waldron's  1891 building.  This was the first time this floor had ever been occupied; a result of a fire which occurred during the 1893 addition.


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