FIRST PERSON:  Philip M. Clark
Dirty Dan's Appearance
1956 Interview by Howard Buswell

Transcription of an audio recording found onRalph Thackers site:

He had maps, maps, maps, god almighty there was maps of everything!

This is April the 19, 1956 and this is an Interview with Philip M. Clark of Marietta.  And we are going to talk Philip about Daniel Harris.

You member Dirty Dan?  What kind of a a looking guy was he?
>>Oh yes! Oh Yes!  Well, he was a man, He weighed about…165 pounds  he was beachcomber and he never cut his whiskers and he had frightfully long hair; and he was smart, plenty smart, and he was well educated,  he was nobody’s fool, but he was a dirty man, he never washed himself and that’s the reason he got to be known by the name of Dirty Dan Harris…..

Well, how was he as a man to get along with?

Fine, fine and dandy….absolutely a good disposition, he never interfered with nobody’s business.  Everyone who came after him would tell you the same things.
You said he was a very dirty man, how did he dress?  He dressed well.
But he would put on a suit of underclothes,   I imagine this now in my older age…  I believe he would have on two sets of underclothes one on top of the other.  
Were you ever in his house?  Did you notice any books?
Yes Sir, he had books there I don’t know what they were, but well…. he had maps, maps, maps, god almighty there was maps of everything!
How old was he when you remember him. 
I think he was along at about 50, 51 or 52 years of age, He wasn’t a young man and he wasn’t an old man.  
When his whiskers was about 4 or 5 inches long, he would trim them off square.  But he could talk English, damn good English and he could talk Indian like nobody else,  damn good Indian.   Chinook.

With the limited time we got we might as well shake hands with Dirty Dan Harris and call it a day.  Much obliged Phil.