Ken Imus
When Ken returned to Fairhaven for a visit in the early 1970s, the city had changed.   And not for the better.   He decided, with his wife Barbara's support, to buy property in Fairhaven to revitalize the district.
With the exception of just a few buildings....The Terminal Building, Chuckanut Motors (Finnegan Alley), the Morgan Block and the Fairhaven Pharmacy, Ken owed just about everything in Fairhaven.  He even owned the McEvoy Oil property which he would sell years later to the Chrysalis Hotel, on the condition they build a first class hotel there.




Artist Lanny Little


 Ken and his wife Barbara in an old Model T on the Village Green Mural!    


 Brian Griffin Oral History:  Ken Imus:  Fairhaven Revitalizer

Recorded in 2006, Brian Griffin interviews a hometown boy who went to California, made a fortune and came home to resurrect Fairhaven. Ken and his family have owned most of the historic village at one time or another, built many of the new buildings and been responsible for much of its renaissance.

 This oral history is part of the Brian Griffin Oral History Series.  A DVD of the entire interview can be found at the Whatcom Museum Photo Archives, Center for Pacific Northwest Studies (CPNWS) and the Bellingham Public Library.