Bust of C.X. Larrabee
Dedication was held October 18, 2008, with several of Larrabee’s decendants attending the ceremony.   Robert McDermott is the sculptor; his other works in Fairhaven include J.J. Donovan and Dirty Dan Harris.

The bust is located on 11th Street between Harris and McKenzie Avenues between the historic Nelson Block and  Rustic Coffee.  In this location, the tee-totalling Larrabee has a clear view of the former location of the 1890s Tontine Saloon which was part of "Devil's Row.    That location became the So. Bellingham Post Office and is now Skylarks Restaurant.

Charles X. Larrabee1843 - 1914
Benefactor of Fairhaven & Bellingham

With his Wife Frances Payne Larrabee
Donors of:
Larrabee State Park
Fairhaven Park
Elizabeth Park
Land for Fairhaven Library
Land for Fairhaven Middle School
Land for Larrabee School
Bellingham YWCA Building
Discoverer of the copper mines of Butte Montana
An Architect of the Fairhaven Bank
Owner of Fairhaven Hotel
Principal of Fairhaven Land Company
President of the Fairhaven & Southern Railroad
President of Citizen's Bank
Owner of Rosalyn Cascade Coal Company
Pioneer role in Pacific American Fisheries


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