Making way for the Grand Opera House!
Fairhaven Herald
 March 12, 1891
Towards the Erection of
Fairhaven's Grand Opera House

Workmen were busily engaged yester-
day in arranging for the removal of Gen-
eral Manager E. L. Cowgill's residence
from the corner of Harris avenue and
Thirteenth street.  The building will be
taken to the corner of Seventeenth street
and Knox avenue.
This is the first step taken towards the
erection of Fairhaven's grand opera
house and as soon as the building is off
the ground excavation will be commenced
for the basement and foundation of the
Fairhaven Herald
March 20, 1891
General Manager Cowgill's residence
continues to climb the hill. 
Last evening it had reached the corner
of Fourteenth street and Knox avenue. 
The incline on Knox avenue is the
steepest of any over which the house
has been moved, but the contractor
expects to have the building at its
permanent place at Seventeenth street
and Knox avenue by the latter part of
the week.


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