Rosamonde van Miert, Fairhaven Historian

"The Fairhaven Hotel Journal," 507 pages long was published in 1993.

While writing the Fairhaven Hotel Journal, Rosamonde lived and breathed The Fairhaven Hotel.  She often dreamed about it, walking up the steps to the grand entrance but stopping at the door.  Years passed, Rosamonde went on to write other books, and the hold that the Hotel had on her lessened.
In August 2008, Rosamonde once again dreamed walking up the steps to The Fairhaven Hotel, but this time she opened the door and for the first time she entered the inte
rior of its magnificent lobby—in glorious detail.  Two days later the headline of the Bellingham Herald newspaper read "Developers Propose New Incarnation of Fairhaven Hotel."
Patience is required in life and dreams.  A little more than 10 years later,  Fairhaven Towers is under construction and expected to be finished in 2020. 

Rosamonde, a history AND Shakespeare fan, moved to Ashland, Oregon in 2014.  Fortunately she can still be seen in Fairhaven, on the Fairhaven Village Green Mural.  

 Rosamonde, along with fellow historians Brian Griffin (playing ukelele) and Galen Biery