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The Bellingham Herald began publication on March 10, 1890 as the Fairhaven Herald.  In 1903 Whatcom and Fairhaven voted YES, consolidated into a new city of Bellingham in 1904, and the paper became The Bellingham Herald.
The website has digitized Bellingham Herald newspapers, covering the years 1903 to 1952.   Subscribers can search for articles.    There is a fee by for access to this service. 
The following articles relate to the interesting aspects of local Fairhaven History and can be accessed online.  Click date to retrieve article.   There is also a link to the section of the website that gives more information.
Boom & Bust

 Fairhaven from Boom to Bust and BackGuest Contributor Janet Oakley
Consolidation:  When Fairhaven Became (South) Bellingham
November 8, 2007
Brisk debate preceded consolidation in Whatcom communities -- Bellingham beats out Whathaven;
Guest Contributor Richard Vanderway

 "Dirty Dan" Harris
April 29, 2013
Bellingham retiree builds replica of Dirty Dan's rowboat;
Dean Kahn
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J.J. Donovan
Fairhaven Sculpture; Dean Kahn
 Sept. 15, 2014 Bellingham given bronze statue of community leader J.J. Donovan; Dean Kahn
Elm trees planted in 1896 as Arbor Day project still adorn Fairhaven; Dean Kahn
   Fairhaven Firehouse
Milestones: Former fire station holds history of Bellingham; Dean Kahn
 Rare Fairhaven tree a legacy of firefighters; Dean Kahn
   Fairhaven Pharmacy
 November 8, 2007
Pharmacy owners worked their way to the top; Bonnie Hart Southcott
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