Whatcom Museum
Photo Archives
 201 Prospect Street
Bellingham, Washington

Jeff Jewell IS synonymous with the Photo Archives of the Whatcom Museum.  For anyone interested in local history "going to see Jeff" means visiting the Museum's  Syre Education Center, next to the Museum’s Old City Hall to see the Archive’s  50,000+ collection of early photos, maps, directories and historical ephemera.  You can even find early plans of the Fairhaven Hotel!

Jeff’s incredible knowledge and enthusiasm of Whatcom history makes research fun!

The Museum’s collection is easily searchable at one of Photo Archive's several computers. Often you can listen in on the interesting research others are doing or get a peek at a historical photo collection that someone is bringing in to share.

The Syre Center is just north of the parking lot of Old City Hall.  The entrance is the door at the back of the building.  Press the buzzer to hear a friendly "hello" and a "come on up".     Public hours are Wednesday through Friday from 1:00 pm to 4:45 p.m.

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The Museum's photo collection includes works by Jack Carver, Galen Biery, Darius Kinsey, Burt Huntoon, James Sandison and many more.  

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