Mark Twain and his visit to Bellingham Bay
Mark Twain arrived on Bellingham Bay on August 14, 1895.  He was on a speaking tour and the event took place at the Lighthouse Building in New Whatcom (now Bellingham). 
There are many versions of what Mark Twain did after his performance.   We know he did not spend the entire night at the Fairhaven Hotel as C.X. Larrabee did not allow alcohol to be served there.  Instead he enjoyed the evening at the Cascade Club in the Mason Block, now Sycamore Square.
One version:  After the event, Roland Gamwell took Twain to the Fairhaven Hotel, and then proceeded across the street on the Cascade Club on the top floor of the Mason Block (now Cat N Fiddle Hair Salon.)   The Club was closed, but Gamwell had keys and the two spent the evening enjoying a few glasses of scotch.

Mark Twain would leave soon after for Vancouver, for the last stop on his North American tour.   He would then catch a boat for Australia, the beginning of his world tour.


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