Fairhaven Historic District

There is so much packed into the small area known as the Fairhaven Historic District! 
See below for links to our founder, historic buildings, Fairhaven Village Green, Fairhaven Hotel and other landmarks that today exist only in photographs.  Enjoy the overview of our history, or take a deeper dive into the details.
 Let's Start with
who founded Fairhaven in 1883
Other Fairhavenites can be found in Who's Who.


Once the crown jewel of "The Imperial City." 

August 14, 1895.  

Of Primary and Secondary Significance from 1889 to 1927.

Don't Kick Dan Harris off the Map
for the sake of your A B and C.

An onion-domed block, a candy store,
and Dead Man's Point.

A young Dirty Dan, 1927 mural and summer movies.
Something for everyone at Bellingham's smallest park.

1927 Fire House,
Now a busy Performing Art and Event Center.

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