Village Green Mural 
by Lanny Little

11th and Harris circa 1927

Who's Who in the Mural?
Corner of 11th and Harris, once the location of 
Citizen's Bank and later the Sandwick Building.
Current location of J.J. Donovan bench
Historian's Corner:  Fairhaven folks remember Gordon (Gordy) Tweit, the former owner of Fairhaven Pharmacy who was a font of historical knowledge and artifacts about Bellingham. Tweit who passed away in 2018, stands in the lower left foreground.  Behind Tweit, wearing a violet dress, is Penny Tillson, who published the Fairhaven Gazette, a quarterly magazine from the early 1980s to the mid-'90s.
Brian Griffin can be seen playing the ukelele; his hat on the ground for contributions.    Griffin is a writer, historian (among numerous talents) and very successful in raising money and creating a number of important projects.  

Galen Biery, arms crossed, is a well-known historian, photographer and photo collector who died in 1994.  Next to Biery is Rosamonde Van Miert, the author of several local history books, including "The Fairhaven Hotel Journal 1889-1956."
THE BUSY CORNER (now the Terminal Building)
The Northeast Corner of 11th and Harris has been Tony's Coffee since the early 1970s.  Tony, who now lives in Hawaii can be seen at the corner with, of course, a cup of coffee.
Ken Imus, prominent Fairhaven developer, sits behind the wheel of the Model T with his wife, Barbara.  
Chuck and Dee Robinson, former owners of Village Books and Paper Dreams are crossing the street.


Upstairs at the Busy Corner you will find Jim Rich (portraying  Dirty Dan Harris) and Anna Williams, who helped to make the Ski to Sea festival into an important event.

On April 24, 2004, the "Who's Who" gathered for a photo in front of the mural.   (With the exception of the late Galen Biery and the out-of-town Chuck Robinson.)  Space was created in the line-up and Chuck was photo-shopped in later.   The photo and description of the photo shoot can be found in the link below. 

View photo by Bellingham Photographer Mark Turner

Artist, Muralist and  Filmmaker:  Lanny Little
Fairhaven has been a popular subject for a number of Lanny's paintings, but most folks know Lanny by his  mural on the Fairhaven Village Green.
The first mural was created in 2000.  After the completion of the Fairhaven Village Green in 2003, some alternations were needed.    Ten years later, a little refurbishing of the mural was needed.  It was decided to add significant Fairhaven folks on the mural.
The story is told best told by Lanny himself in the video below:


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