The Cowgill House
(Bellingham Co-Housing)

2614 Donovan Avenue
Happy Valley Neighborhood
Today the Cowgill House is located on Donavan Avenue in Happy Valley.  It has not always been here.  In 1890, Edgar Cowgill built this home at the Northeast corner of 13th Street and Harris Avenue in Fairhaven.   

In 1891 the house was moved to make way for a grand Opera House.   Somehow, a team of horses moved the home up South Hill to the Northeast corner of 17th Street and Knox Avenue.

In the early 1900s the home was moved down the hill to a site at 2614 Donovan Avenue and became the home of the Frederick L. Schaefer family.  In 1997 the house was sold on a contingency basis with plans to move it yet again, this time across the bay to Lummi Island. That plan fell through, however, and the house, still on this site, is now the community office and gathering place for the Bellingham Co-Housing group.

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