Chuckanut Community Forest

"Most people still endearingly refer to it as the Hundred Acre Wood" 
     Todd Ellsworth of Recreation Northwest 
Cascadia Weekley December 18, 2013
"A park is born, a really big park.  And a chapter is closed on one of the most boisterous land-use debates in the history of Bellingham
Bellingham City Council this week unanimously--and with evident relief bordering on giddy--approved the sale of a conservation easement of roughly 82 acres of forested wetlands at the city's southern boundary to the Chuckanut Community Forest Park District Board....preserves it for a use as a forest park.
The property is known by many names--Chuckanut Ridge, Hundred Acre Wood.  For a while it was Fairhaven Highlands, zoned for dense residential development.  It is an astounding jumble of boggy marshland, see slopes, mossy wet forests and quiet dark streams.  To this, the city added additional 29 acres of adjacent parkland, creating--truely--a hundred acre wood."
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