A small wooden sign identifies three acres of forested land at the top of South Hill as  "Lowell Park”.  Lying a block behind Highland Drive and just north of Taylor Avenue, this property was purchased from the daughter of J.Wilson Lysle, owner of the donation land claim that now comprises a large part of the campus of Western Washington University.
The land was purchased in 1926 for $1,600 from Hallie W. Lysle Campbell, intended for a play field for the students of Lowell School on 14th Street and for all children on South Hill.

Various entries in the minutes of the Park Board refer to requests, followed by authorizations for improvements, but there is no current indication that anything was actually developed.  F. Stanley Piper, architect of several homes on South Hill and designer of the soon to be dismantled pillars at the entrance of Fairhaven Park, urged the Park Board to develop playground facilities on this site. (Minutes of March 3, 1936; December 14, 1954; and October 16, 1969).

Today, the forested area is home to deer, coyotes, dog-walkers and children creating rustic hideouts.  Periodically, groups of students from Lowell School leave their classrooms for a tromp up Taylor Avenue to the park for a time spent in these natural surroundings.

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