How the Fairhaven Village Green Came to Be

The Fairhaven Village Green is a public gathering place central to the Fairhaven Historic District. Through a successful public-private partnership, a once weed-infested vacant lot on the southeast corner of 10th Street and Mill Avenue was developed in 2002-2003 to accommodate activities and events that draw crowds of people and pets.  

The property was purchased in 1998 with funds from a voter-approved "Beyond Greenways” levy. However, the City lacked the necessary funds to fully develop the property. In 2001, a group of private citizens and local merchants raised the money which added to the City’s contribution and made this project a reality. 

The Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department, led by project coordinator, Leslie Bryson, and the Fairhaven Village Green committee led by Brian Griffin, began the design and development process that brought about the project’s successful completion. 

Enlisting the contributions of volunteers, staging fund-raising events and holding countless meetings with development partners, the work progressed with a clear pattern of individual responsibilities. The City provided the funds for excavation, plumbing, concrete construction and other basics. The citizen’s committee purchased the pavers, benches, wood and glass pergola and other distinctive touches such as the railing, bollards and the Dirty Dan Harris (founder of Fairhaven) sculpture. 
Situated at the head of the popular South Bay Trail, this area connects the Fairhaven Historic District to the southern end of downtown Bellingham and its popular Depot Market Square.