The Tulip Fountain

The Tulip Fountain was created by Knute Evertz to celebrate the tulip bulb industry in the early 1900s in Whatcom County.   Five tulip fountains once stood in Bellingham.  One was located in Fairhaven at the corner of 11th and Harris, in front of the Terminal Building. The Fountain in the Village Green was once located in Whatcom Falls Park.

 Knute August Evertz was born in Sweden in 1882 where he studied art and metalworking before moving to Chicago, Illinois in 1902 and then Bellingham in 1905.  He owned several local foundries before retiring in 1959.  He died in 1960.  The tulip fountain is an example of the beautiful bronze work that Evertz was knowing for.  
For an interesting article of Knute Evertz, read Dean Kahn’s Bellingham Herald article:
 One of the five tulip fountains
 in front of the Terminal Building
(once The Busy Corner)
in Lanny Little's mural of 1927 Fairhaven.